Tough Attorney for a Tough Situation
I am a male in my thirties and was going through a very contentious 17 month divorce and needed to retain an attorney that I could trust. I was looking for an individual that knew the law, was aggressive and competent in front of a judge/commissioner. I came across Mr. Kaufman and he proved to be just that. Divorce is a tough time in one's life and Robert helped reassure me throughout this challenging time. His knowledge of the law (all the ins and outs and trust me, there are a lot) helped me secure my two young children in my custody. Thanks to Robert, my 5 and 7 year old boys live with me 80% of the time I am the primary parent in their lives and have the pleasure of waking up with them under my roof every morning. There is no monetary value that can be put on top of that. Thank you Robert!
- Dave, Child Custody Client

Great Attorney
Bob is a great attorney who is not only an expert with a sound legal knowledge but he also helped me kept perspective throughout the case holistically. He is a very good listener and also does not hesitate to ask tough questions, which really helps one to look things through a different lens especially when you are going through a difficult phase throughout the divorce. He is very accessible and responds in a timely manner. I will highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to hire an expert attorney with good listening ears and a great human being.
- R.K., Divorce Client

Exceptionally Capable, Insightful, Experienced, and is Simply A Good Human
It's hard to express credibly in writing just how positive my experience was with Bob. Like so many clients, I was totally ignorant to the legal process around divorce and (inadvertently) made some decisions that weren't helpful to Bob. In the end, he always had a great attitude and point for point resolved my case in my benefit to a greater degree than I had hoped.

Looking back, I can see that Bob has a great feel for timing and nuance. Still he's not a mind reader. It is important regardless who your attorney is to provide clear and organized information/documents pertaining to your case. A concise summary never hurts, either.

Here's the crazy part...I retained Bob under a legal insurance plan that pays extremely low. At no point, did I sense that my case was less of a priority than any other. As a matter of fact at this point, I know he applies himself fully for every client. In this regard, I applaud his integrity and commitment to providing top-notch legal services to the community.
I would recommend Bob for any family law case without hesitation.
- Chris, Divorce Client

The Finest Attorney I Have Ever Worked With!
I consider myself extremely lucky that I was able to hire Robert Kaufman to represent me halfway through an extremely contentious divorce. My first attorney resigned after one year and no progress at all on the case. Mr. Kaufman took control of the case and brought it to an excellent conclusion, while protecting, defending, advising, and helping me through the worst experience of my life. He is an exceptional attorney, has a complete and comprehensive knowledge of the law, is a bulldog in court and arbitration, and an extremely nice man. (I was amazed at his abilities in court and arbitration!) With Bob's assistance, I made it through this horrible event in my life and came out the other side with an extremely fair settlement that will enable me to live my life and enhance the lives of my children.

Just for the record, my ex-wife and her attorney did not want me to spend time with my children, wanted everything I own and everything I earn, were full of accusations, and would not discuss or negotiate anything at all with my first attorney for almost a year. They fabricated issues and they were not remotely interested in being fair....they only wanted to win. There was no basis for any of this and my first attorney made zero headway with the case. No mediation, no arbitration...nothing...just arguments, obfuscation, delays, poor advice, and huge attorney bills. With the clarity that only comes from retrospect, I can now see that my case was totally mismanaged. I felt totally and completely abused by the legal system and the divorce industry....and I still believe that was what happened.

Once Bob became involved, we were able to move forward and settle the case within a few months with a 50-50 parenting plan (which is what I always wanted) and a financial settlement that was extremely fair to both sides. I would have never believed it, but now...my ex-wife and I are speaking to each other, getting along, and co-parenting our children...although she is terrible at that. :) I am convinced that without Bob, I would have ended up at trial, taking my chances at the whim of the judge, and it would not have turned out nearly as well as it did. Being a man, in King County, Washington seems to be a real disadvantage in a divorce. It is not an experience I would force on my worst enemy, yet Bob was able to guide me through it, protect my rights, and help me protect my children and their lives.

Bob is an excellent attorney and an outstanding advocate. He is personable, kind, understanding, patient, and always followed up on the many, many details of a very complicated, drawn-out, and contentious case. His advice was always good and well thought out. He helped me through this more than anyone else in my life and I would be honored to actually call him my friend. I intend to utilize Bob for any future legal issue or question I may encounter.

I would highly recommend Bob Kaufman and you should consider yourself lucky if you are able to hire him to handle your case. You will never find a finer attorney, a better advocate, or a nicer man.
- Joseph, Divorce Client

Fantastic Divorce Attorney
Mr. Kaufman did an excellent job handling my difficult divorce and child custody case. His knowledge of divorce law was impressive and he very efficiently worked my case through the Washington court system including the many hearings and the 5-day trial for my case. I don't understand the one bad review on this site. It sounds like that guy expected the judicial system to work fast with one-day turnaround times. That is definitely not the case. Unfortunately, these things can take a lot of time.

Mr. Kaufman wrote excellent, well thought-out motions and trial documents and he was fantastic questioning witnesses at my trial. He also tried my case with honesty and integrity and he never tried any of the dishonest tricks the opposing counsel attempted. His experience really shined and I definitely would want to retain Mr. Kaufman again if the need arises.
- David, Divorce Client

Professional And A Very Caring Person
It's been a long time since Mr. Kaufman handled my divorce, but I always thought he was very good. He was always calm and confident and that helped me feel that way too. He didn't do a bunch of extra stuff so he could charge me more. He never over reacted and always listened to me. I've had other attorneys who were always creating a flurry of paperwork with no real results (other than a bill). I've just recommended him to a friend, which is why I happened upon this website.
- Sue, Divorce Client

Excellent Divorce Lawyer
Mr. Kaufman did a great job of making a divorce as painless as possible and made me feel he truly cared about me and my situation.
- Divorce Client

Good Divorce Attorney
Bob Kaufman was recommended to me through my work benefits. I found him to be very knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. My separation/divorce was amicable, so I mostly just needed Mr. Kaufman for advice and reviewing/filing the paperwork. He kept me very informed via email and answered any questions I had promptly. He worked well with the other attorney. He did exactly as I wanted and made sure that my best interests were represented. I would use him again and would recommend him to others for their separation/divorce.
- Divorce Client