Modifying A Support Or Custody Agreement

signing a documentEven the most careful divorce and custody planning cannot predict the future. In many cases, the changing needs of parents, children and former spouses require changes to court orders. When there is a substantial change in circumstances, parts of the divorce decree may be modified.

At the Law Offices of Robert C. Kaufman, PS, in Bellevue, we have the family law experience to help you with modifications to spousal maintenance, child custody or child support. Whether you are the party seeking or contesting the modification, it is important to have a skilled lawyer on your side. For a consultation with an attorney, please give us a call.

When Can Changes Be Made?

To modify spousal maintenance, child custody or child support, one party must have a substantial change in circumstances. You cannot modify court orders simply because you are unhappy with the current agreements. If post-divorce modifications cannot be resolved through mediation or negotiation, we can represent you in court.

Child custody agreements (parenting plans) may be modified if they are no longer appropriate for the family and are not in the best interests of the children. You may request a modification for reasons such as:

  • One parent failing to follow the terms of the parenting plan
  • A significant change in the health of a parent or child
  • Parental relocation request
  • Child neglect or domestic violence
  • Parental alcohol or drug abuse

Child support and spousal maintenance are not determined using the same formulas, but in general, reasons for modifications to court-ordered support may include:

  • One party losing a job or suffering another financial loss
  • A significant increase in one party’s income
  • A change in the health of one party
  • The changing needs of a child

In addition to modifications, we can assist you with enforcement of court-ordered spousal maintenance, child support and the parenting plan.

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