Enforcement Of Court Orders

open law books, a gavel in the front with a scale of justice in the backgroundIt is not unusual for one party in a family law case to fail to follow court orders. When this happens, you have options. To determine how to proceed, it is best to speak with a lawyer first.

At the Law Offices of Robert C. Kaufman, PS, in Bellevue, we prosecute (enforce) family law court orders. Our lawyer has the experience to know what steps to take in your circumstances. In addition, we can represent people wrongfully accused of failing to follow court orders. For a consultation with an attorney about order enforcement, please give us a call.

We Will Help You Find A Resolution

After divorce and custody decisions are finalized, all parties are expected to follow the terms of the agreements. When one party does not abide by the agreement, the other party may take action.

Some of the most common reasons people seek enforcement of family law orders are:

After an emotional ordeal such as divorce or custody, it is natural to be upset when the other party fails to comply with the terms of the agreements. However, you want to think about the best way to get what you need from the other party. An aggressive action may only make the situation worse.

We will discuss your case with you and explain your options. If filing contempt charges is the answer, we will do that. Depending on the circumstances, however, less drastic measures may be sufficient. Mediation or negotiation with the other party may resolve the matter peacefully.

You can rely on our experience and knowledge of Washington family law to get you through this conflict.

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