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Some family law cases are very contentious, but in many others, the parties want to preserve the relationships. When children are involved, this is especially important. It is not as simple as it may seem, however. There are still many decisions to make and issues to discuss. The help of an experienced family law attorney is critical to the success of any divorce or custody case.

At the Law Offices of Robert C. Kaufman, PS, we provide Washington family law representation to people in the King County and Snohomish County areas. With 38 years of experience, our attorney has handled all types of family law cases. For consultation with a Bellevue family law attorney, please call 425-615-7555 or 800-771-4563.

Experienced With Straightforward And Complex Cases

In our family law practice, we represent a wide range of people, including high net worth individuals, people with modest incomes, heterosexual and same-sex couples, unmarried couples and single parents. We can assist you with issues such as:


There is no such thing as a pain-free divorce, but we can try to make the legal process as smooth as possible for you. Even if there are complex issues to work through, we can thoroughly explain your options and the risks and benefits of each.

Same Sex Divorce

The passage of Referendum 74 made same-sex marriage legal in Washington in 2012. This was a good step forward for same-sex couples, but it did not grant them the same federal benefits as heterosexual married couples. If you are facing a divorce as part of a same-sex couple, your lawyer must have the knowledge and experience to protect your interests.

High Asset Divorce

The same basic issues must be resolved in any divorce: asset division, spousal maintenance, and if the couple has children, child custody and child support. In a high net worth family, however, the resolution of these issues is more complex. It takes a lawyer with experience and considerable financial knowledge to successfully handle high-asset cases.

Asset Division

One of the steps in a divorce is the equitable distribution of marital property and debts. This process is not always as straightforward as people expect. While there are guidelines regarding property division, judges may have different interpretations of them. It is important to have a lawyer to protect your rights.

Spousal Maintenance / Alimony

Spousal maintenance (alimony) is granted based on one party's need and the other party's ability to pay. Despite these guidelines, many people argue bitterly over spousal maintenance, often using it as a way to try to hurt their spouse.

Child Custody / Parenting

Child custody or parenting time is typically the most complex issue in a divorce. Working with an experienced lawyer can make the process easier, however. Whether you and the other parent agree on many points or none at all, we have the experience to help you reach a custody agreement.

Child Support

Receiving adequate financial support is critical to a child's well-being. Parents may disagree over the amount of child support, but it is important that they understand the receiving support is the right of the child. Whether you are the parent paying or receiving the support, experienced legal counsel can ensure that your rights and the rights of your child are protected.


Even the most careful divorce and custody planning cannot predict the future. In many cases, the changing needs of parents, children and former spouses require changes to court orders. When there is a substantial change in circumstances, parts of the divorce decree may be modified.


When one parent requests a long-distance move, the situation is hard on the entire family. If the relocation is granted, the child will be taken away from one parent with limited contact for long periods. All parties must carefully consider such parental relocation requests.

Enforcement Of Court Orders

It is not unusual for one party in a family law case to fail to follow court orders. When this happens, you have options. To determine how to proceed, it is best to speak with a lawyer first.

In most family law cases, mediation is a valuable tool. It is more flexible than litigation, allowing people to create their own solutions. We represent people in mediations and can act as a mediator in other cases.

When mediation and negotiation are not sufficient, we have the skill to take the case to trial.

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